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The Breakfast Club

Posted 23 September 2012 | Blog,News   

The Breakfast Club

Winners direct from an East Coast Syndicate
Who moves MILLION$ Each Day

CURRENT RUN   60-32 thru October 10, 2012

36-21 FB        24-11 MLB

2011 October  50-18 (72%) Documented  CFB, NFL, NHL, MLB all 69%+

You walk into one of your city’s finest restaurants.  Very pricey!  It’s a special occasion for you and your significant other – a rare time where you choose to splurge.  As you enter your eyes are drawn to a table that is bred by success.  They are relaxed, smiling and laughing.  With them are 4 very attractive younger women.  The women speak mostly among themselves.  But they are clearly attentive and respectful of the men at the appropriate times.  Even though you work hard for your money, you know your persona does not equal theirs.  And, to be honest, the woman accompanying you does not seem to be overwhelmed with you.

Who are these men, you wonder?  And what do they do?  Flash forward approximately 12 hours for your answer:  These 4 men are “The Breakfast Club”.  They, and others, meet each AM.  Unlike dinner the previous evening, this is mostly work.  Cell phones ring with information from all over the country.  Well over 100 combined years of experience are used to piece together a package of games for today’s wagering.  The selections win with remarkable consistency.  Check out the numbers and think how these results would change your life.


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